Uludağ Beverage

Uludağ Beverage was established in 1912 and operates under Uludağ brands in domestic & international markets. With 111 years’ experience Uludağ is the leading national beverage brand in Türkiye. Since 1974 Uludağ brands are being exported to more than 60 countries in 5 continents.
Uludağ’s motto is to produce healthy, high quality, preservative free, real beet sugar beverages with high quality natural spring & mineral water.

Uludağ portfolio covers 6 categories for mass-market channels and HORECA:

Uludağ Premium; lightly carbonated sparkling natural mineral water with exclusively–designed cobalt blue bottle and naturel spring water sourced from the heart of Uludağ Mountain,

Uludağ Sparkling Mineral Water; which has been bottled at the same source for more than 110 years,

Legendary Uludağ Gazoz; carbonated soft drink with its unique taste and with different flavors,

Uludağ Frutti Extra; 4% natural fruit–concentrated sparkling mineral water,

Uludağ Frutti;sparkling mineral water with fruit aromas

Uludağ Limonata; 10% lemon concentrated traditional homemade taste of lemonade,

Deep Energy Drink; first preservative-free energy drink in the market,

Uludağ Meyvelim; 10% fruit concentrated non-carbonated drink,

Uludağ Tonic; zero sugar tonic water.

Uludağ Beverage – with 2 factories located in Bursa – is the market leader in Turkish domestic market in different categories and export its products only under Uludağ brands.

Yenice Factory

Çaybaşı Factory

Uludağ Research & Development Department is the first certified R&D center from the government of Türkiye. Uludağ Beverage is always a “game changer” with its developments & innovations in Türkiye: the first can beverage producer, first sugar free beverage producer, first returnable glass bottle system for bigger bottles, first mineral water in pet bottle, first industrial lemonade production, first cobalt blue glass bottle and first mineral water with fruit juice.

Uludağ’s mission is developing new, unique, healthy products without compromising quality and naturality.